Peer review provides different opinion on method

Katestone’s Simon Welchman responded to media reports about the peer review of our report for ARTC into particulate emissions from coal trains.

According to Simon, there is no major error or flaw in Katestone’s report for ARTC into particulate emissions – just a difference of opinion on method.

“Dr Luke Knibbs’ ‘ideal statistical model’ for the particulates and train data is only a different way to look at the same data,” Simon said.

In his peer review letter to the NSW EPA, Dr Knibbs said a different statistical analysis should be applied to the data that Katestone collected.

“While we respect Dr Knibbs’ perspective, our statistical methodology was developed with the EPA who provided comments during the process,” Simon said.

According to Dr Knibbs, it was not possible to say what the re-analysis might conclude without doing it first.

Mr Welchman offered full cooperation with any re-analysis that would improve the understanding of the monitoring results.

“We want to work towards a shared understanding by government, industry and the community about effective management of air quality in the lower Hunter,” Simon said.

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