Major Gas-Fired Peaking Power Project

Client: Solstice Developments
SkillsExpert adviceGreenhouse gasHealth RiskPlume rise
Location: Gatton, Queensland, Australia
Date: 2009-2011

The Westlink Power Project was a natural gas-fired peaking plant near Gatton, west of Brisbane. The plant’s final capacity would be 1000 megawatts, comprising 200-300 megawatt units developed in stages to meet electricity demand.

Katestone completed a detailed air quality impact assessment that included:

  • Prefeasibility study and site selection
  • Development of local windfields
  • Dispersion modelling and air quality impact prediction (NOX, SO2, PM10, VOC and air toxics)
  • Vegetation impact assessment
  • Greenhouse gas assessment
  • Assessment of deposition to rainwater tanks
  • Photochemical modelling and prediction of ozone impacts
  • Plume rise assessment and consultation with CASA.

The project was approved by the state, but refused by council on grounds that included air quality impacts. Katestone was retained as an expert witness for air quality and greenhouse issues in the appeal. The appeal was successful and the project was subsequently approved by the court.

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