Landfill Waste

Landfill Waste Disposal

Client: Local governments
Skills: DustOdourDispersion modellingAir quality management plans
Location: Australia
Date: Various

Councils seeking to extend the lifespan of landfills need to address potential air quality impacts and nuisance to nearby residences and other sensitive land uses. Katestone has been a key provider of air quality consulting services to the waste industry, specifically relating to odour and dust from landfills.

Two examples of our work in this area are the Air Quality Impact Assessment for the Extension to Pierce Avenue Landfill, Caloundra; and the Air Quality Impact Assessment for the Reedy Creek Landfill, Gold Coast City Council.

These studies involved:

  • Design and supervision of landfill odour sampling programs
  • Calculation of odour and dust generation at existing and proposed landfills
  • Odour and dust dispersion modelling to predict impacts and likelihood of nuisance to nearby areas
  • Evaluation of landfill management practices to help reduce dust
  • Recommendations of cost effective controls to reduce odour.

Katestone’s expertise resulted in the approval of these projects and contributed to enhanced landfill management to protect communities and the environment.

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