Coal Seam Gas Production and LNG Export Industries

Coal Seam Gas Production and LNG Export Industries

Clients: QCG, Origin Energy, Arrow Energy, Sun LNG
SkillsDispersion modellingPlume rise, GreenhouseClimate adaptation
Location: Gladstone, Queensland, Australia
Date: 2008 – 2012

Our coal seam gas (CSG) production and liquefied natural gas (LNG) export clients are driving the rapid growth in Australia’s gas industry. This astounding pace – including gasfields, pipelines and export terminals – presents unprecedented infrastructure, regulatory and stakeholder challenges. Clients need quick turn-around, high quality analysis that will withstand regulator and public scrutiny.

Katestone has years of experience in Gladstone, the focus of terminal development, notably developing and managing the Gladstone Airshed Modelling System (GAMS) for government.

We have variously advised on upstream and downstream project elements covering air pollutants, toxics, greenhouse gases and plume rise for aviation safety associated with reciprocating engines, turbines, regeneration boilers, acid gas incinerators and stack and ground-based flares.

Our thorough analysis has contributed to state and federal approvals for Asia Pacific LNG (Origin Energy and ConocoPhillips), Queensland Curtis LNG (QGC and BG Group), Liquefied Natural Gas Limited and SUN LNG (Sojitz Corporation and Sunshine Gas Limited).

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