Coal Dust Benchmarking Study

Coal Dust Benchmarking Study

Client:  NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH)
Skills: Dust, Air quality management plans
Location: New South Wales, Australia
Date: 2010

Facing rapidly expanding coal mining in the Hunter Valley and growing community concern, the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) needed a rigorous review of available measures to control particle emissions.

Katestone employed a mixture of research and analytical techniques to identify international best practice measures for the many mine activities causing particle pollution; such as unsealed haul roads, blasting and wind erosion.

The research included 13 mine visits and a survey program that received 59 responses covering 93 percent of coal production and 91 percent of PM10 emissions in the region.

The benchmarking study showed that best practice control could reduce particulate emissions by 49 percent at a cost of $164 million.

OEH is implementing Katestone recommendations including establishing the Dust Stop program to determine mine-specific best practice measures and have practicable measures implemented.

Read about our Coal Dust Benchmarking Study for industry and community benefit on the NSW EPA website here.

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