Cattle Heat Load Toolbox

Client: Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA)
Skills: Decision support and custom toolsWeather forecastingMeteorology
Location: Australia
Date:  2002 – present

Feedlot cattle can be stressed by prolonged periods of hot weather due to external and internal heat loads. Cattle deaths are possible during extreme heat periods. Given prior warning, feedlot operators can take management actions such as changing diet.

Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) funded the development of the Cattle Heat Load Indexing system by Katestone in 2002. Our scientists operate this system to warn feedlot operators of impending adverse weather conditions.

The Cattle Heat Load Toolbox (CHLT) delivers an accessible and informative targeted forecast for each site over the internet.

Our service covers towns close to feedlots and provides site-specific forecasting for feedlot operators registered with the service. Over 250 sites receive a site-specific forecast, covering more than 75 percent of Australia’s feedlot cattle population. Changes in management practices and the use of forecasting has reduced heat-related incidents.

The Cattle Heat Load Toolbox is now being operated by  Katestone’s subsidiary company Weather Intelligence.

Weather Intelligence also provides a similar heat load forecasting to assist dairy cattle operators which was also developed by Katestone.


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