ARTC Coal Transport

Coal Rail Transport Dust Monitoring Program

Client: Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC)
Skills: Study design, air quality monitoring, statistical analysis
Location: New South Wales, Australia
Date:  2013

ARTC is a major Australian rail network operator. ARTC was required by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (NSW EPA) to conduct a dust monitoring program to determine whether loaded coal trains operating on its Hunter Valley rail network are a source of particulate matter emissions and whether loaded coal trains are a larger cause or source of particulate matter emissions than unloaded coal trains or other trains on the network.

Katestone was commissioned by ARTC to develop a Work Program to specify the work to be completed to address the EPA’s requirements and to guide the conduct of the monitoring program. The Work Program built on previous monitoring efforts commissioned by ARTC and Katestone’s experience with coal rail dust issues in NSW and Queensland.

Katestone was subsequently commissioned by ARTC to conduct dust monitoring of passing coal trains and the associated statistical data analysis and reporting. The monitoring and analysis aspects were complicated by the extremely short duration of some train pass-bys (2 seconds) requiring high frequency data capture and extensive programming efforts to process and analyse the substantial datasets.

View the reports on the ARTC website here.

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